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Performance Contest 2010: Winners Announced!

I was blown away by the number of voters this year, with over 700 placing votes in the contest! The first, second and third place winners in each category are as follows:—

Group category
  1. Keun et al - Godot's Theme (Fragrance of Dark Coffee) Orchestral
  2. Bryce and Markham et. al - That Wriggling Piece of Plywood (Master Badger Esq.)
  3. Nate Faro and Jackie - Berry Big Circus
Solo category
  1. Lauz - Shi Long Lang - Speak Up Pup!
  2. Adriana - Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Vocal)
  3. Natalie - Phoenix Wright, Styles and Compilations

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everybody who put in an entry. 1st place winners will be contacted in due course for sending the prizes out. An upload link to hear all the competition entries, including those not short-listed, will be made available soon.

Performance Contest 2010: Cast Your Vote!

The entries are in, and we've had some fantastic submissions for this year's contest! It was a hard job shortlisting, and a big thankyou has to go out to everybody who entered this year - the bar has indeed been raised! This year we have three group entries and six solo entries in the shortlist, and you can listen to them all on the contest page. Happy listening! Voting closes on September 3rd, so you have about two weeks to cast your vote. After that, the winners will be announced!

Performance Contest 2010: Deadline Extended!

I've had a few requests for extension from people wanting to enter the contest but just needing a little more time for recordings due to the summer vacation. Therefore the new deadline for submission will be . I will shortlist entries over that weekend and the shortlist will be put up for public voting the week after. Thanks again to the people who submitted so far; I've even had more entries than last year and they've all been super!

New Transcriptions × 6

Some more AAI transcripts are now up! I'm hard at work on the two big ones, namely the epic Great Revival 2009, and Quercus Alba's theme for string quartet, so look forward to those! I've also added the Cross Examination theme for PW3 - sorry it's taken so long to get some of the court themes up for PW3, transcribing the AAI stuff has given me a bit more of a feel for the keys Noriyuki Iwadare composes in. If you do notice any key signature errors, do get in touch so I can fix them.

In Performance Contest news, I've had some great entries already! Keep them coming!

Gyakusheets Performance Contest 2010

Well, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth has been out for just under a month now. I hope you all enjoyed the soundtrack as much as I did! I am working away on some new transcriptions, but I have something far more exciting to announce, namely the 2010 Performance Contest!

For those not around when the last one was running, all you need to do to enter is just submit a recording of yourself (and possibly your friends, as group submissions actively encouraged) performing any piece or medley of songs from the Ace Attorney games.

I had some great entries back in 2008 and can't wait to see what you guys come up with for this year's contest! So give it a go and enter. Looking forward to hearing from you!

You can get more info on the 2010 contests page.

Another site re-design

There has been yet another site re-design by Meph!

The most noticeable change is the appearance. The colour scheme has been updated with red and blue as secondary and tertiary colours. The layout now uses HTML5, which is a new version of the code that web designers use to make web pages. This will allow us to make exciting changes in the future.

There is also a change that you probably haven't noticed yet. The site now uses pretty URLs to make it easier for you to navigate the site. Look in your web browser's URL bar to see them in action.

Finally, there is a feature that has been removed. In the old design, you could click on the headers of each category for the music tracks (such as Character themes and Background music), causing them to expand and collapse. This was removed because it will be replaced in the future by something better.

Enjoy the new design!

Ace Attorney Investigations Transcriptions × 7

Well, it's nearly time for the game's release, and once you've finished you'll be no doubt wanting to get stuck into mastering its excellent soundtrack! So here are some transcriptions - I will be trying to get some of the main character themes done over the next few months. To make it easier to update the site in my limited evening time, all future transcriptions will not come with instrumental ranges notated - just the number of parts will be listed. If you found this information useful please contact us but I feel it safe to assume that information doesn't make a huge impact on your choice of sheet music in the long run.

In other news, there is going to be another Performance Contest soon, this time with actual prizes! More details to come in early March.

And in our attempts to be a central hub for PW sheet music, we've also linked to:

  • piano arrangements elsewhere online (Swimming Anyone?, Gyakuten Sisters),
  • some more of the guitar tabs over at (Confess the Truth 2001; Age Regret and Reward; Tachimi Circus; Guilty Love; Psyche Lock 2007; Arumajiki Troupe) and
  • And uploaded some Harmonica tabs done by Matthew over at Capcom Unity forums (Jake Marshall's Theme; Gyakuten Sisters).

Moving House

Due to problems with the website's original webhost, the website has moved to a new domain in Special thanks to for letting us use their web space.

In other news, you can expect some Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth music sheets before Christmas.

Nine New Transcriptions + Housekeeping

It's been a long time, but I finally have some new transcriptions up! People have been asking for more PW2 themes, so hopefully these will keep you going! They are as follows:

  • PW1: Epilogue
  • PW2: Court Begins; Confess the Truth; Objection; Reminiscence - Scars Carved by Fire; Courtroom Lounge - Another Overture
  • Apollo Justice: Epilogue; Apollo's theme (piano transcription submitted by Eleanor Wong); Reminiscence - The Forgotten Legend

Gyakuten Kenji is out, so there's a new placeholder page for that. The OST is fantastic, and I've got three pieces half-transcribed already, but I can't upload till I know what the actual track titles are!

I also upgraded to Noteworthy Composer 2 - all future transcriptions will be created with NWC2, which is not backwards compatible with NWC1.75b. I would recommend that you download the evaluation copy of NWC2, or Noteworthy Player, which will also let you view these files.

And lastly, all the transcriptions in this update, with the exception of Confess the Truth from PW2, are in PDF format. These are much less time-consuming for me to create compared to the PNG and Word Document versions I was using before, and all future transcriptions will be downloadable in PDF format only.

New Site Layout Completed!

The new site layout has been completed. The new site is far more easier to navigate and takes advantage of new world wide web technologies that make the website more dynamic. If you have any feedback on the new look, please email Meph, who's email can be found on the new Site page.

A New Site Layout

The site is in the process of being redesigned by Meph.

The Solo Performance Competition - Closed

Voting is closed! I can now announce the winners of the solo category:

  • First Prize: Shadowed_navi - Reminiscence of Cases Past ~In Memoriam~ (Piano Medley)
  • Second Prize: Sharon Lin - Turnabout Piano (Piano Medley)
  • Third Prize: Andre Macfoy - The Guitar's Loving Serenade (Piano)

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! Head on over to the competition page and check out their performances if you haven't done so already - they are superb. You can also download the remaining shortlisted entries and those that didn't make the shortlist, via Megaupload. Enjoy! I have rustled up some prizes in the form of the pictures from the 2007-08 GS4 calendar that was released for a limited time last year. Sorry it's not much. I shall have better prizes next year, promise!!

Thankyou to everyone who submitted an entry, and a big BIG thankyou to David Shannon, my fellow judge, who made the difficult task of shortlisting much easier with his thoughtful comments.

Solo Entries Poll

The poll for the solo entries is up! It's just above - you can download the entries together in a zip file from the link in the poll, and each individual entry has its own Youtube video - blackscreen background with album art where submitted. Click around and vote for the one you like best! As can be seen, we had some truly awesome entries and it was very hard to shortlist.

Voting runs until July 11th, best of luck to the entrants! Don't forget to listen to the awesome-kickass RAWK version of the PW1 Cornered theme by The Red Wings, winner of the contest's group category - it can be found here if you haven't already downloaded it!

The Group Performance Competition - Closed

The Performance Competition is now closed! There have been some fantastic entries submitted - I was blown away by the level of musical talent lurking in our little corner of fandom. I can announce the winner of the Group category today (as they were the only entrants XD).

Congratulations to The Red Wings for winning the Group category!

You can download their kickass performance of the Cornered theme on the competition page. Thanks again to everybody who took the time to submit a performance - it takes a lot of guts to record yourself singing or playing an instrument so kudos to all of you for your hard work! And if you were practicing to enter this competition but couldn't get your performance ready to record in time, don't worry! I will probably run this competition again when I have the cash to actually get some prizes, so save them up for then.