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Gyakusheets was established in September 2007, as a sheet music resource purely for Capcom's Ace Attorney series on the Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS. The sheet music is aimed at musicians of all abilities (though some are trickier than others!) and arranged to be performed in groups, but can also be adapted for solo performance. Though the sheet music on Gyakusheets is designed for chamber instruments, we aim to be a resource and link to guitar tabs and alternative transcriptions posted on external sites in addition to our own transcripts. Site traffic varies between 700-2000 visitors a month – We honestly had no idea this place would be so popular!

With 38 out of a potential 123 tracks from the four games in the series transcribed, there's still a long way to go yet; but our primary aim is to have all the character and courtroom themes available from each game for you all to enjoy. The site is sporadically updated as the transcriptions are extremely time-consuming. Please sign up to the mailing list to get notification of when the site is updated.

Credits and Acknowledgements


Thanks to Meph for creating the website layout and helping with site updates.

Thanks to Rydia Highwind for supplying the webspace and subdomain for Gyakusheets completely free of charge.


Thanks to J-Gatz of Court Records for helping with some of the transcriptions. Any that she has done are credited in her name.

Thanks to Mark Newheiser for checking through the transcriptions before upload and providing music theory advice.


Thanks to El for the MIDI rips of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All.

Thanks to JBoy of Court Records for the MIDI rip of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations.

Thanks to Guess Who of Court Records for the MIDI rip of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.